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9 million AT&T customer accounts breached – Is your data included?

Updated: Mar 21

The article below is from Emma Garofalo at One of the key elements that is discussed in the article, is the enablement of 2FA, a simple version of MFA. That may work if you are a consumer. If you are an enterprise, perhaps "vanilla" MFA may not be the best answer. In many cases, enterprises like AT&T can benefit from the use, at the enterprise level, of Advanced MFA like that provided by BSI's CVL technology.

If you are relying on 2FA and MFA in their simplest form, at the enterprise level, you are setting yourself up for a problem and at the very least a new entry on your LinkedIn page. Read below and learn more by checking our portfolio of solutions.

Dark computer server room lit be red light.

"Over 9 million AT&T customers have been notified of a data breach exposing their data shared with the company. Those that use its services have likely received an alert detailing the attack. We recommend checking your inbox to see if you’ve gotten the message.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve been affected.

Is your personal information in jeopardy?

According to AT&T’s data breach notification, the problem began when a third-party marketing vendor was attacked by hackers earlier this year. Fortunately, much of the data procured through the breach appears only to include customers’ business with AT&T.

Data in the breach includes first names, wireless account numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.

The data leak was not major compared to previous instances but can result in a stolen identity for some of AT&T’s customers.

While the personal data exposed may seem tame compared to other data disasters, it’s worth mentioning that information of this nature could lead to a stolen identity. The brand promises that if any customer information is found on the Dark Web, the affected party will be notified immediately.

AT&T is urging you to be responsive to security alerts coming from the defensive measures it has in place. The company also asks that anybody impacted be on the lookout for suspicious phishing messages and change their passwords immediately, just in case."

Emma Garofalo

March 15, 2023

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