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BSI for Blockchains

We protect your authorized blockchain user experiences through Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA). We are 100% compliant with biometric privacy laws, and link online and POS digital access to the authority of the consumer’s presence; not their credit card or credentials.

BSI The Next Evolution
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Protect your blockchain via ...

Superior Biometrics

Millions of transactions and associated dollars are managed through blockchains, NFTs, and virtual currencies every hour of every day.


These transactions are inherently complex, sensitive, and material in nature. An incomprehensible amount of dollars can be at risk to a lost or misplaced password; to an erroneously entered or unauthorized transaction.


Because of the design of blockchains, all changes to the data are permanently kept within the ledger. 


Managing who, how, when, and what is changed is critical to a solid, secure, and well-executed cybersecurity plan.


Public key management.

Access to your cryptocurrency is managed by a highly valuable public key. If you lose it, you lose it all.

BSI's CVL technology allows blockchain users to generate public keys that are as easy to remember as "your signature", and those who generated them, can recreate, and more importantly - use.

The security of BSI generated credentials is both simple and robust; with 24X more variations than there are humans in the world.

Blockchain data entry protection.

The value of your blockchain is in the data contained in it. A change in the data is immutable and permanent. It is therefore critical that all changes are carefully monitored to ensure the dataset in the blockchain is not corrupted.

By using BSI generated credentials, miners working a blockchain leave a permanent mark in the chain that is unquestionable. 

Because credentials can't be shared, any and all changes can be traced back to the actor; rather than to anyone who had gotten hold of their credentials.

Protect your public key's integrity.


Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects your customers' online and real world identity. It links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. It provides Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience that no AI/ML algorithm or cyber criminal can replicate.

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