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World’s only written biometric password for remote ID authentication.

Over 17 Years of Experience

Biometric Signature ID, founded in 2007 has created the world’s only written biometric password products for remote ID authentication.


This patented solution, BioSig-ID™, takes a typed password and turns it into to a 4 character “written” password, using just a mouse or finger. Speed, direction, length, angle etc of the unique written password created are stored. Upon subsequent logins the patterns are compared. NO match – NO access – NO cheating.

Technology and Experience that Counts

  • NO hardware

  • Privacy sparing

  • Used on any device

  • 100 M uses worldwide

  • Applicable for every industry

  • Gate access to any content, device, or asset

White House awarded NSTIC grant.


Invited as the SME to Texas Senate Committee regarding FSA fraud prevention technology.

GSA approved.

BSI is the only company to have discovered a major multi state cheating ring. Our state of the art forensic reports, unique to BSI also detail cheating patterns in “real” time and help our clients uncover and prevent cheating and unauthorized access.

Bespoke, Analytics and Forensics.

Because we own our technology, it's easy to solve your unique business challenges with a custom solution. We also have advanced analytics and forensics tools to help you make the most out of our advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Data Analytics

Bar chart of overall and suspicious activity.

Data Forensics

BSI report on suspicious activity.

Custom Solutions

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Our data analytics suite puts, at your fingertips, the power of time tested AI plus continuous vector analysis. Identify cheaters, impostors and take action with data backing up your decisions.

Finding a needle in a haystack has never been easier. Our subject matter experts have imbued years of hands on behavioral analysis experience into our AI algorithms.

Some customers need a solution beyond those that work "out of the box". We have a proven solutions engineering team ready to solve your most difficult challenges.

We've earned their trust.

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Patented. Tested.
Used by Millions.


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