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proctoring flagship.

Privacy for students. Peace of mind for schools.

USPTO Patents



Advanced. Robust. Simple.

Used for automatic proctoring of online training and continued education programs.

  • Does not collect any biometric markers and protects the privacy of the user by blurring all recordings

  • Works seamlessly with the world’s leading learning management systems (LMSs)

  • Provides complete class and course analytics and guides instructors to find suspicious activity by the student.

Technology that respects student's privacy

Other solutions...

Competitor proctoring solution monitoring woman without blurring the recording.
  • Facial recognition data collected

  • Background review and inspection

  • Voice recording

  • Collect and transfer PII

  • Subject to racial & gender bias

  • Collect and store pictures /audio

  • Software client required

  • Hardware may be required

BioSight-ID Logo
Woman proctored with BioSig-ID. Her face and background are blurred.
  • Facial anonymity

  • Background privacy

  • Audio level sensing

  • ZERO personal private Information

  • ZERO racial & gender bias

  • No pictures /audio collected

  • Hardware free

CSU vs. Ogletree was the watershed case for distance learning in 2022. It established the fact that students have the right to privacy while being remotely proctored.

BioSight-ID protects and respects the privacy of students, while at the same time provides time efficiency tools for faculty members reviewing online exams.

IT departments love it as well, because it handles no personal information (PII), which is a burden on any cyber security plan.

Make it easy on your team. Select a tool that works without injecting additional legal risk to your day-to-day operations.

See our technology at work

Follow the links here to see BioSig at work, and to take a deeper dive into BioSight from both, the perspective of the faculty and that of the students.

"Show me" is better than "tell me" - here you go!

BSI biometric technology is
not like the others...

BSI's CVL technology gives BioSig-ID a unique advantage over other multiple factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Some solution providers meet ONE of the "something I am", "something I have" or "something I know" requirements. 

BSI's solutions meets all three in one instance.

In addition, BSI's CVL technology requires the user to authenticate in a way that only one person can do; the one who generated the credentials.

BSI Logo


Meets all factors in one action.

I am...

This factor relies on behavioral biometrics. The user's mind and thoughts are the "am", which can' be stolen.

I know...

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

I have...

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.

This factor is met by reproducing the credentials by writing, or gesturing them as only one user can do.

Other solution providers meet one or two factors.

I am...

Physical Biometrics

To meet this factor, other technologies require the use of expensive and highly specialized equipment.


If the "special" device is broken or lost, this factor can't be met.

I know...

Technology Users

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

Usually easily lost or stolen because it is in ASCII format.

I have...

Hardware Providers

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.

They use it...

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