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Abstract bar charts.

A biometric like no other.

BSI The Next Evolution
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  • Wire transfer

  • Controls staff access

  • Client login from any device

  • Bill pay, only client can authenticate password

  • Authenticate user before wire transfers greater than 5k

  • Mobile access to check accounts takes 5 seconds or less

  • BSI is a revenue generator for security upgrades

Avoid Financial Risk

•    Stop account takeovers
•    Stop synthetic identity fraud
•    Stop card not present fraud
•    Stop charge-backs


Abstract bar charts.

Protect the digital identity of every customer.
Choose BioSig-ID biometric technology.

Choose to know "who" instead of "whose credentials were used" to execute an investment transaction, grant access to a record or account or device. This is where our CVL technology excels. Credentials generated with BSI technology can only be used by the same person that created them. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information.

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