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Maintain your distance
learning accreditation.

Protect students' privacy.

34 CFR §602.17(g)(h)

ID authentication | Proctoring | Forensics | Accreditation

Recipe for today's proctoring

ID authentication throughout the course + todays’ technology + education

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With Authentication

Contract cheater stopped before access, cheaters cannot duplicate 1,000’s have been prevented

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BioSight-ID session with two users present.


Students caught cheating at exams while being monitored with privacy sparring face anonymization

BioSig-ID reports spilling out of folder.


Forensics/AI catches contract cheaters who slip through doing any graded assessments with full details for next actions

BioSig-ID Logo
  • Who's really taking the courses?

  • Stops contract cheaters.

BioSight-ID Logo
  • Webcam monitoring.

  • Faces blurred for privacy.

  • Cheaters caught.


  • Measures school cheating environment. You need to know this for enforcement & policy.

  • Catches cheaters.


  • ONLY company with ID authentication & privacy sparing proctoring.

  • Meets federal accreditation CFR602.17gh.

Cheating Disruptor Technology

How BioSig-ID Prevents
Contract Cheating

BioSig-ID Reports capture all activity including aborted validation
1. Student enrolls
with BioSig-ID.
2. Student Locates Contract Cheater
4. Contract Cheater logs into the LMS with Student Credentials.
5. Contract Cheater aborts BioSig-ID, the written password, without trying.
6. Contract cheater communicates that they will be unable to complete the course.
7. Student is forced to complete their own coursework
3. Money and LMS typed password are transferred

Bolstering Security

Adding BioSig-ID to our online courses has bolstered our security by confirming student identity at multiple points throughout the course, thus ensuring that we are following all accreditation regulations. BioSig-ID is also quick and effective in supporting our students.

Tiffany Cantrell
Faulkner University Online
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BioSig-ID has prevented contract cheating
from 154 countries worldwide!

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Protect student identity using biometric technology.

Biometric Signature ID is a cyber company that specializes in ID authentication used to catch cheaters and bad actors in higher education, defense, real estate, mortgage industry, commercial schools and more (100M+ uses). We focus on analyzing the patterns of cheating/fraud using data science to stop cheating before it starts. We use these metrics and match up the signature passwords to establish identity and block the bad actors from access.


Students must authenticate their identity before they get access to an assessment. Thus, BSI “PREVENTS” cheating before it can occur as contract cheaters cannot replicate the unique written signature password “patterns” made by the student.

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