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Maintain your distance
learning accreditation.

Protect students' privacy.

34 CFR §602.17(g)(h)

ID authentication | Proctoring | Forensics | Accreditation

  • Find out who's really taking your courses.

  • Stops contract cheaters and more.

  • Webcam monitoring.

  • Faces blurred for privacy.

  • Cheaters caught.


  • ONLY company with ID authentication & privacy sparing proctoring.

  • Meets federal accreditation CFR602.17gh.


  • Measures school cheating environment. You need to know this for enforcement & policy.

  • Catches cheaters.


One of Our Best Decisions

Managed Services is one of our best decisions we've made.

Dr. Rick Upchurch
Adult, Graduate and Online Studies
Belhaven University
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Protect student identity using biometric technology.

Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects the online and real world identity of every student in your system. We links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. BioSig-ID does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. Our simple and reliable authorized user experience has no AI/ML algorithm a cyber criminal can replicate.

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