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Maintain your distance
learning accreditation.

Protect students' privacy.

34 CFR §602.17(g)(h)

ID authentication | Proctoring | Forensics | Accreditation

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  • Find out who's really taking your courses.

  • Stops contract cheaters and more.

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  • Webcam monitoring.

  • Faces blurred for privacy.

  • Cheaters caught.


  • ONLY company with ID authentication & privacy sparing proctoring.

  • Meets federal accreditation CFR602.17gh.


  • Measures school cheating environment. You need to know this for enforcement & policy.

  • Catches cheaters.

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One of Our Best Decisions

Managed Services is one of our best decisions we've made.

Dr. Rick Upchurch
Adult, Graduate and Online Studies
Belhaven University
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Protect student identity using biometric technology.

Biometric Signature ID is a cyber company that specializes in ID authentication used to catch cheaters and bad actors in higher education, defense, real estate, mortgage industry, commercial schools and more (100M+ uses). We focus on analyzing the patterns of cheating/fraud using data science to stop cheating before it starts. We use these metrics and match up the signature passwords to establish identity and block the bad actors from access.


Students must authenticate their identity before they get access to an assessment. Thus, BSI “PREVENTS” cheating before it can occur as contract cheaters cannot replicate the unique written signature password “patterns” made by the student.

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