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BSI for Pharma/Med/Ins

We provide robust solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Insurance industries to protect the service providers', patients', and customers' online and real world identity through Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience. 


Medical research patient certification.

BSI's unique behavioral biometrics generate credentials that ensure that those participating in clinical trials are who they say they are. Moreover, that they are only "once" within the data set.

BSI generated credentials can tell the difference between identical twins, without the need for additional hardware or collection of personal information.

Access to highly sensitive research.

The worth of many pharma corporations lies in the secret formulas and patents that they protect.

Much like a Privileged Access Manager (PAM) system in a network, pharmaceuticals protect their formulas. This is where BSI technology comes in.

Only those who have need to know and have been granted access through their own and unique credentials can access this PAM.

Access to this valuable information is controlled to the human level; not just access to the correct credentials.

Remote patient insurance verification.

When delivering remote medical services it is imperative that you validate the identity of the user on the remote side. 

BSI technology can tell the difference between identical twins... or triplets. 

This means that only one person on the remote side can receive care, or provide medical history to a record.

This results in both cost reduction and patient protection. Primary care providers will know without doubt who is on the other side of the screen.

Delivery of controlled substances.

Simple - If you are not the person that should be getting the medication, you shouldn't. If you should, you should.

BSI's technology in collaboration with physical property management lockers can be used to "dispense" medication under the controlled supervision of a pharmacist, without consuming their valuable time.

Medications can be dispensed along with proper use warnings. Because BSI users MUST be of clear mind when validating a challenge, it can be inferred that they are aware and know what they are signing for.

Protect your patient's PII via ...

Superior Biometrics

Our healthcare providers and their patients’ most private information, are managed and protected leveraging secure digital telecommunication networks.


We are in a different kind of global pandemic - one of digital viruses and stolen identities. Cyber criminals constantly try to illegally gain access to medical facilities networks by falsifying the stolen or compromised digital identity and credentials of healthcare providers.

Cyber criminals’ aim is to steal healthcare provider’s identities, their patient’s private information, and to hold hostage our most needed medical institutions. We just won't let them.

Protect the digital identity of your customers.


Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects your customers' online and real world identity. It links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. It provides Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience that no AI/ML algorithm or cyber criminal can replicate.

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