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BSI for Pharma/Med/Ins

The costs of Identity theft and data breaches should not outweigh the value of providing necessary solutions. Our written biometric based MFA solution is ultra secure and prevents hacking, machine learning, AI, and other humans from gaining access.

Instead of typing, write your password with your finger, stylus, or mouse. This simple change turns your password into a powerful written biometric called BioSig-ID. The authentication takes only seconds to complete each time you log in.

BSI The Next Evolution
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Protect your patient's PII via ...

A biometric like no other!

Cyber criminals’ aim to steal healthcare provider’s identities, patient’s private information, and to hold ransom our most needed medical institutions. We cannot let that happen.

The stakes are high and fines are higher. In just 5 seconds BioSig-ID biometrics can safeguard:

  • Login from any device.

  • Identity theft prevention.

  • Control access to patient web portals.

  • Use our MFA against phishing attacks.

  • Use our MFA to enable cyber insurance.

  • Nurses station PC with multiple user log ins.

  • Patients authenticate ID for services rendered.

  • Clients can authenticate docs with our signature.

  • Millions of users with over 100M identity checks.


Delivery of
Controlled Substances

Simple - If you are not the person that should be getting the medication, you shouldn't.

BSI's technology in collaboration with physical property management lockers can be used to "dispense" medication under the controlled supervision of a pharmacist, without consuming their valuable time.


Remote Patient
Insurance Verification

When delivering remote medical services, it is imperative that you validate the identity of the user at the remote side.

Having them authenticate their identity is both a stamp of approval for regulators and also a safety precaution for providers!

This results in both cost reduction for collections and patient protection.


Access Highly
Sensitive Research

The worth of many pharma corporations lies in the secret formulas and patents that they protect.

Much like a Privileged Access Manager (PAM) system in a network, pharmaceuticals protect their formulas. This is where BSI technology comes in.

Only those who have need to know and have been granted access through their own and unique credentials can access and send this PAM.

Healthcare Portals

Letting bad actors infiltrate an organization’s patient portal can be disastrous. Reputations and stock value are lost, while identity theft monitoring costs and fines all add up. Use preventative solutions before you have a problem.


Choose “Who” you are delivering services or allowing access to instead of “Whose” credentials they are using!

It absolutely must be simple to use. With over 100M authentication of identities worldwide, we have perfected the user experience! It takes up to 3 minutes to enroll ( a one time occurrence), and less than 5 seconds to authenticate. Our signature based approach is second nature to users.

Our latest data from 1M users shows that only 0.0045% of over 30M authentications required a help desk ticket. Now that’s remarkable as most other technologies have up to 30% help desk calls!

Protect the digital identity of your customers.


Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects your customers' online and real world identity. It links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. It provides Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience that no AI/ML algorithm or cyber criminal can replicate.

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