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BioSig-ID drawpad with the word SAFE written by invisible hand.

BSI's Technology

Blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with.

USPTO Patents



Advanced. Robust. Simple.

A patented biometric identity authentication solution that controls access to files and information through MFA in one product. It works on all devices using HTML5.

  • Requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users with a four-character password.

  • This amazing biometric technology is unlike other biometrics because it avoids privacy issues and conforms with privacy laws.

  • Provides real-time warning of potential data crimes in progress.

A simple intuitive
interface for a written password

BioSig-ID drawpad with the word SAFE written by invisible hand.

BSI's BioSig-ID solution uses a simple interface that works on a computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device capable of taking the user's input through the use of a finger, stylus or mouse.

You can play with the length, duration, angle, speed, and direction of your lines, to create your secure and unique password. This creates your own powerful biometrically, secure way of protecting your identity. Use any combination of four letters, numbers, or symbols. You're only limited by your memory, and creativity.

Why are we different?

Other solution providers meet MFA by combining a device, usually a cell phone, with a simple password and may not combine any biometrics.
If you are using cell phones for company security think again!
BTW: Friction-less or password-less stands for greater false negatives.

  • Works offline.

  • No waiting for MFA SMS codes.

  • Complies with biometric privacy laws.

  • Collection of biometric does not require consent.

  • No personal devices i.e. cell phones are required.

  • Easier authentication across multiple applications.

  • Validate in seconds easily across multiple devices.

  • Enrollment creates a template for true ID Authentication.

  • Eliminate bad actors access by replacing typed passwords.

  • Our technology requires positive state of mind. You can't be Intoxicated or having mental lapses...which could save lives.


Single instance multi factor authentication,
no extra hardware upgrades or software downloads.

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