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BSI for eCommerce

We protect the eCommerce transactions and experiences of your authorized consumers through Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA). We are 100% compliant with biometric privacy laws, and link online and POS digital access to the authority of the consumer’s presence; not their credit card or credentials.

BSI The Next Evolution
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Avoid financial risk via ...

Superior Biometrics

Millions of transactions and associated dollars are managed by commercial and financial institutions every hour of every day.

Scammers, fake credit card users and other financial criminals are constantly boosting stolen credit cards, pins and credentials impersonating rightful owners around the world.

Every wrongfully approved transaction is a financial burden on your organization and your eCommerce / credit card partners.


Large credit card transaction approval.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can only tell you if an online transaction is "sketchy" or if it falls outside of the realm of the likely.

BSI's CVL technology can augment any technology identifying "suspicious" activity to validate with certainty if the person actually using the card IS the person authorized to use it.

Possession of credentials may be "nine tenths of the law", but we are the portion that matters to protect billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions each year.

Credit card activation or replacement validation.

Protect the identity of your cardholders and ensure that they are the ones activating a new or replacement credit card.

BSI's CVL technology validates that the person activating a card is in fact the one person who should have access to it.

In a matter of seconds, we can validate if the person online or on the phone is who they say they are. We can stop fraud from happening by protecting the identity of your customers; all of this without using or putting any PII at risk.

PIN verification in person or online.

BSI's CVL technology can replace easily hacked PIN codes.

CVL based PINS are 20 million times stronger than regular numeric based PINs, are easy to remember, and impossible to replicate by anyone other than their creator.

They can be generated and used in any smartphone our touch panel, and implemented through your product's technology with ease.

Online cart checkout validation.

Imagine a secure shopping session, where your shoppers have been validated before, during and at check-out.

BSI's frictionless technology can validate the identity of the shopper at any time, ensuring that all transactions are valid, and from those who should receive the goods or services; not those trying to steal them.

Protect the digital identity of your customers.


Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects your customers' online and real world identity. It links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. It provides Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience that no AI/ML algorithm or cyber criminal can replicate.

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