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Integrity, Privacy, Compliance

Solutions for Remote Assessments


ID Authentication

•Write your password instead of typing it

•Length, speed, angle, order… are unique to you

•Indigestible to contract cheaters, family members

•Authenticate ID before any accessing any assessment


Web Cam Monitoring
Avoids Privacy Issues

Privacy Infringing

BSI Competitiors.jpg
  • Facial recognition data collected

  • Background/room scan

  • Voice recording

  • Collect and transfer PII

  • Subject to racial & gender bias

  • Collect and store pictures/audio

  • Software client required

  • PC takeover may be required

Privacy Preservation

BioSight-ID from BSI.png
  • NO Facial recognition collected

  • NO Room of background scan

  • NO Voice recording

  • NO PII

  • NO racial or gender bias

  • NO pictures/audio collected

  • NO software downloads

  • NO PC takeover

311,266 Students signed petitions in 231 Colleges/Universities


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What are students saying about competitors?

Compiled from June 16th, 2023
Competitor 1

These proctoring companies do not want you to know this information.

We will tell you names when you call us

Competitor 1 "has the risk to reveal and obtain very personal information just to complete a simple exam final. Examples of personal information they could obtain include zip codes, phone numbers, emails, photos, screen captures, video recordings and history of personal employment which can potentially expose our social security number, essentially our identity itself."

Compliance | Federal Accreditation


New Regulation:
§602.17(g) Ensures that the student who registers in a distance or correspondence education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives credit.

602.17(h) requires an agency to make clear, in writing that institutions must use processes that  protect student privacy

BioSig-ID Uncovers Multi-State EDU Contract Cheating Ring

600+ individuals caught, 44 agencies involved

Gesture-Driven Authentication Tool BioSig-ID, Uncovers Irregular Education Activity Leading To The Discovery Of Massive Contract Cheating.

What Others are Saying About BioSig-ID


Stephanie Hinshaw

Chief Academic Officer & Provost

"We appreciate BioSig-ID and our partnership with Biometric Signature ID for many reasons; however, two are paramount. First, the student identity validation processes allow us to have peace of mind that our students complete their own work. Second, we greatly appreciate the partnership between ACE and BSI when issues arise. Specifically, David Chatham and BSI’s Forensic Reporting provides real-time guidance and analysis in integrity concerns and acts as a partner as we develop processes and policies."

A-State Logo Trans.png

Chris Boothman

Director of A-State Online

“Collaborating with BioSig-ID and using their Forensic Reporting tools has enabled Arkansas State University to quickly and seamlessly identify violations of academic integrity and really transform the way we are able to combat suspicious behavior. With ease of access to data reports that contains IP conflicts, comprehensive data analytics on biometric inaccuracies etc.,  A-State has been able to actively work on identifying policies to address academic dishonesty in the online environment.”


Dr. Rick Upchurch

AVP Adult, Graduate, & Online Studies

"At Belhaven University we started our relationship by including managed services. I have to say it was the best decision we could have made. Biometric Signature ID has provided us with deep dive insights into the data and given us confidence in closing the loop on those who have suspicious activity on their accounts. Honestly, without their help we would be floundering in making sense of the data. I can recommend managed services from BioSig-ID without reservation."


One of Our Best Decisions

Managed Services is one of our best decisions we've made.

Dr. Rick Upchurch
Adult, Graduate and Online Studies
Belhaven University
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BSI Takes Care Of

Your Pain Points…

  • ADA – Covered

  • Costs – Annual Flat rate

  • Privacy – Avoid lawsuits

  • Forensics – Confirm cheating

  • Contract Cheating – We prevent

  • Customer Service – White glove

  • No Downloads – Ease of use

  • LMS Integration – Install in hours

  • Accreditation – YES Student ID and privacy

2M + Users | 100M Authentications
.0045% Help Desk Rate

Relax... We've Got You Covered!

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