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Lines (CVL)

Almost magic ...

(Pure Magic)

When it absolutely has to be authenticated by only one human in the world.

Robust and elegant math.

That, is at the heart of our cybersecurity juggernaut.

Imagine a cypher with an infinite number of possible combinations, and only one that works. Imagine now that this combination can only be used by one human; the one who created it.

CVL technology sounds and works like magic, but it's not. CVL is our patented behavioral biometrics solution to protect the most valuable digital assets entrusted to any corporation; their data.


Check out our patents.

If you're a geek at heart, have a feast! Our patents give you insight into what's "the fuel" running BSI's ML engine. These are applicable to the 2D world and also the Metaverse. #Web3, here we go!

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