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Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions.

Industry tested.

CVL powered biometrics for your Web3 services.


Reinforce your cyber security posture.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our cybersecurity technology solutions and services. We have put together this list of resources to make our conversations more productive.

While we have more than 2 million users using our technology, products and solutions; we are interested what comes next - what your technology solutions could do, protected and empowered by our unique behavioral biometrics.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Nelson Santini

BSI biometric technology is
not like the others...

BSI's CVL technology gives BioSig-ID a unique advantage over other multiple factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Some solution providers meet ONE of the "something I am", "something I have" or "something I know" requirements. 

BSI's solutions meets all three in one instance.

In addition, BSI's CVL technology requires the user to authenticate in a way that only one person can do; the one who generated the credentials.


Meets all factors in one action.

I am...

This factor relies on behavioral biometrics. The user's mind and thoughts are the "am", which can' be stolen.

I know...

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

I have...

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.

I do...

This factor is met by reproducing the credentials by writing, or gesturing them as only one user can do.

Other solution providers meet one or two factors.

I am...

Physical Biometrics

To meet this factor, other technologies require the use of expensive and highly specialized equipment.


If the "special" device is broken or lost, this factor can't be met.

I know...

Technology Users

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

Usually easily lost or stolen because it is in ASCII format.

I have...

Hardware Providers

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.

Tested by more than 2M users ...



A patented biometric identity authentication solution that controls access to files and information through MFA in one product. It works on all devices using HTML5.

  • Requires no hardware or software downloads and authenticates users with a four-character password.

  • Blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable using.

  • Provides real-time warning of potential data crimes in progress.

BioName-ID No Background.png


Transforms signatures into digital identity. Prevents use of PNG/JPEG forgeries.

  • Eliminates the need for “wet ink” to attribute the signature to a human.

  • Authenticates signatures through tamper-proof MFA in a single application.



Prevents unauthorized access to Windows devices by replacing the device’s native lock screen.

  • Grants access to devices after a successful authentication.

  • Identity credentials can be stored locally to allow temporary use offline.

  • Protects workstations and blocks access to unauthorized users like RDP attacks.

  • Allows administrators to monitor and change device access ability, reset passwords, and audit illicit access attempts.



Used for automatic proctoring of online training and continued education programs.

  • Does not collect any biometric markers and protects the privacy of the user by blurring all images.

  • Works seamlessly with the world’s leading learning management systems (LMSs).

  • Provides complete class and course analytics and guides instructors to find suspicious activity by the student.



Secures online transactions.

  • Prevents “card not present” fraud.

  • Ensures that the transaction is executed by the human who actually owns the credit card, not the “entity” that may have the digital credentials.



Used for the initial ID verification of an individual.

  • Analyzes the person’s government issued documents and checks the front and back to determine legitimacy of the OCR codes.

  • Stores a user approved “selfie” of the user to compare with photo in the government ID.

  • Provides both verification and authentication of identity.

Bespoke, Analytics and Forensics.

Because we own our technology, it's easy to solve your unique business challenges with a custom solution. We also have advanced analytics and forensics tools to help you make the most out of our advanced cybersecurity solutions.


Data Analytics

Our data analytics suite puts, at your fingertips, the power of our CVL technology. Identify cheaters, impostors and take action with data backing up your decisions.


Data Forensics

Finding a needle in a haystack has never been easier. Our subject matter experts have imbued years of hands on behavioral analysis experience into our ML algorithms.

2023 BSI ICON.png

Custom Solutions

Some customers need a solution beyond those that work "out of the box". We have a proven solutions engineering team ready to solve your most difficult challenges.

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