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4th Amendment

Reliable online security for remote learning


We protect your eLearning curriculum through Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable student experience. 


We are 100% compliant with biometric privacy laws, and link online digital access to your student’s presence; not their credentials.

Used daily in colleges all around the world

Whether you are looking for a solution to protect your institution's IT assets, or to manage online classroom attendance and proctoring exams; we have college tested and student approved solutions for you.

We fully integrate with your LMS solution so that you remain focused on teaching, while we protect the integrity of your courses and student's privacy at the same time.

Over two million students in the U.S. are using BSI products today. The technology is intuitive, simple, and adaptable to your faculty's needs.

We look forward to earning your trust!


Nelson Santini
Chief Revenue Officer


Single instance MFA password technology.


Privacy based exam proctoring technology.


Workstation / student learning asset protection.

See our technology at work

Follow the links here to see BioSig at work, and to take a deeper dive into BioSight from both, the perspective of the faculty and that of the students.

"Show me" is better than "tell me" - here you go!

Technology that respects student's privacy

Other solutions...

  • Facial recognition data collected

  • Background review and inspection

  • Voice recording

  • Collect and transfer PII

  • Subject to racial & gender bias

  • Collect and store pictures /audio

  • Software client required

  • Hardware may be required

  • Facial anonymity

  • Background privacy

  • Audio level sensing

  • ZERO personal private Information

  • ZERO racial & gender bias

  • No pictures /audio collected

  • Hardware free

CSU vs. Ogletree was the watershed case. for distance learning in 2022. It established the fact that students have the right to privacy while being remotely proctored.

BioSight-ID protects and respects the privacy of students, while at the same time provides time efficiency tools for faculty members reviewing online exams.

IT departments love it as well, because it handles no personal information (PII), which is a burden on any cyber security plan.

Make it easy on your team. Select a tool that works without injecting additional legal risk to your day-to-day operations.

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