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Lock Down Windows


Complies with BIPA

740 ILCS 14

Gesture Biometrics = Secure Login

BioTect-ID is used to secure Windows Pcs relying on the power of our flagship product BioSig-ID. Users create a 4-character written gesture biometric password that they authenticate at Windows login preventing passwords sharing, and unauthorized access. Unlike traditional biometrics a BioTect-ID password can be reset at any time thus protecting your user’s biometric privacy. Most importantly BioTect-ID’s high security MFA authentication process takes less than 7 seconds in most cases.


What is BioTect-ID?

  • Authenticate identity when signing into windows PCs (augment or replace).

  • No need for Cell phones, tokens, codes, or fobs.

  • Complies with the Biometric Information Privacy Act.

  • Can be reset at any time, unlike a traditional biometric.

  • Total authentication process takes as little as 7 seconds or less.

  • Complies with the Biometric Information Privacy Act of Illinois  (BIPA).

  • Works on any device with a mouse, touchscreen, touchpad, or stylus.


Seamless Windows Integration

Using secure platforms like TPMand PTT
BioTect-ID™ Natively integrates allowing:

  • Easy installation across the network.

  • Active Directory administration & control

  • SSO federation VIA ADFS

Offline Support

need to leave the office and take your work with you? No problem!


BioTect-ID™ allows for local verification when away from the intranet or internet. “who” and “for how long” are one of the many ways you can configure the
software to fit your needs.


Replace your Windows login with a high security gesture biometric.

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