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Try to crack BioSig shield_edited.png


Duplicate the password “Mom” exactly as shown using the BioSig-ID draw pad below. If you can validate correctly, we’ll pay you $500.

Example of the BioSig-ID password you can try to spoof.
Over 10 years, more than 42,000 attempts have failed to crack this BioSig-ID password.


Write the three letters of Mom exactly as shown.

  • Draw anywhere inside the drawing pad using your mouse, finger, or stylus

  • Don’t worry about crossing the lines or the size of the letters, just how they look

  • Click the Validate button after each attempt. Unlimited attempts available, so get creative!

‘Mom’ is a real BioSig-ID password and the screenshot from our audit trail shows that you can validate it.

Independent testing found BioSig-ID is 99.97% effective at stopping imposters who were given 4-character passwords. You only have to match three characters!


If you crack the biometric password, you’ll see a message in green saying you are successful in validating.

Email us at with your name, contact info and the time/date. Feel free to screenshot the page. We’ll verify with our audit trail.

Thanks for playing!

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