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Puzzle with advanced math themed pieces.

Instead of typing, write your password with your finger, stylus, or mouse.

Watch this video to see how we stop academic cheating in EDU.

BioSig-ID Logo

It's not what you write,
but how it's written.

  • Choose four written characters to create a template

  • Speed, direction, length, angle, etc. are compared

  • No extra hardware, phones, software downloads

  • Patented and proven with 100+M uses

  • Proven forensics catches illicit activity

What can a written biometric password do for you?

NO Pattern Match = NO Access 
NO Cheating/Fraud

BioSig-ID Drawpad invisible hand writting SAFE
Blue pointalized wave.

Patented. Tested.
Used by Millions.


Years of Experience


US Customers


Current Users




Patented Claims

Dollar Bills

Try to Crack the Password "Mom"

Win $500 Dollars!

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