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MFA credentials
that can't be
shared or stolen.

Advanced single-instance MFA.
Zero Personal Identifiable Info.

We protect your most valuable digital assets.

BSI’s behavioral biometric digital credentials that can’t be shared, stolen, or replicated by any human, hacker, or other technology.

When you use BSI credentials, you prevent fraud, impersonation, and cheating. BSI credentials fix today's MFA problems.

BSI biometrics are not more of the same.


Based on unique physiological features of the human’s body;  examples include fingerprints, retinal, vein, palm patterns, and others, known as "markers".


Based on unique behavioral patterns; examples include speech patterns, typing styles, signature or writing motions, and others, known as "non-markers".

Using patented CVL technology, BSI behavioral biometrics are advanced single-instance MFA.
We provide irrefutable attribution to the user's state of mind.

Inextricably linked to the user.

BSI's patented CVL technology is simple, elegant, and robust.

The way in which a password is written ensures that only one user in the world can successfully replicate their credentials and gain access to privileged and protected information.

Credentials Linked to State of Mind.

BSI CVL behavioral biometrics not only prove that the user is present; but also present of mind. 

Users must be clear minded in order to authenticate.

Non-shareable Access

CVL behavioral biometrics are extremely robust. So much so, that it is impossible to share credentials.

Only the person who creates them, can use them.

Adapts to User

BSI's ML algorithms constantly learn from the user behavior, adapting to imperceptible changes over time.

BSI technology is ADA compliant and provides for unplanned changes in life.

100% BIPA Law

BSI behavioral biometric credentials work without collecting, transferring, or  storing any personal identifiable information.

We respect user's privacy and are 100% compliant with BIPA law.


Patented. Tested.
Used by Millions.


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