BioSig-ID™ For Education

Learn how BioSig-ID can help protect against cheating, financial aid fraud, meet accreditation requirements and the new stricter rules for student ID verification and Title IV funds. Read more...

BioSig-ID™ For Healthcare

Secure access to EMRs, prescription verification, and portal access with BioSig-ID™. Read more...

BioSig-ID™ For Banking & eCommerce

BioSig-ID™ technology helps to assure banks and online shops that access and transactions are legitimate. Read more...

BioSig-ID™ & Enterprise Networks

BioSig-ID™ can not only help to secure desktops, laptops and mobile devices, but gate access to specific programs and apps. Read more...

Take a Test Drive

When we say sign in, we really mean it. Give our software a try and join our worldwide family in 70 countries who have created millions of hand written passwords using BioSig-ID™. Unlike traditional passwords that are easily typed in, BioSig-ID™ passwords use the pattern of how you draw with your finger or mouse. These patterns are unique to each of us. With BioSig-ID™ only the legitimate account owner can log in and verify their identity. Imposters are stopped. Please give our software a try, there is no obligation.

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No Special Hardware Needed


Bring Your Own Device

Biosig-ID™ technology allows for complete versatility. Using "gesture biometrics" there is no need for a special scanner. Any mobile or HTML5/Flash supported device will work!
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Detailed User Activity Reports


See The Breakdown

BSI's suite of reports allow organizations to see suspicious activity as well as attendance, user experience, resets and more!
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3rd Party Testing And Reviews


Results and Reviews

Learn what independent testers, The Tolly Group, and current clients have to say about the BioSig-ID™ technology.

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Can You Hack Our Passcode?


is confident that our technology is secure.

How confident?

To the tune of $500 if you are the first to prove us wrong. We will give you a screen shot and unlimited chances to hack our system. Take the challenge!

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    As an added security feature we can use Short Message Service (SMS) at enrollment to send a confirmation text to your mobile phone.To try this feature click on the BioSig-ID Test With SMS in the tab above.

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Biometric Signature ID

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Demos & Presentations

Please let us know if you would to like learn more about our products. We offer online demonstrations and presentations of all of our products so that you can see us in action. Let us know how you are thinking of using our products and we can customize a demonstration to fit your exact needs.  To schedule now, please call 877-700-1611 ext. 53 or click here.

Ours Is A Proven Technology

With over 5 million uses with users in over 70 countries, BioSIg-ID™ has proven to be the premier multi-factor authentication biometric software solution. Learn More...


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