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Sandbox For Testing 

Step 1: Test the Limits

Below you will find four passwords using different biometrics and their corresponding images that show how each password is drawn. Each attempt you make at a password will show you how close you got to the right side under "Instructions".

NOTE: These have been set to allow unlimited repeated attempts where the actual app in production would only allow a certain number of tries.

"It might only be two letters but it's harder than it looks"
"A three letter word like 'you' can't be too difficult, can it?
"Sure it's only two letters, but It's really curvy and that counts"
"This is drawn using only straight lines. I can't make it easier."
Step 2: Learn How to Enroll a Password & a Simple Use Case Example
Step 3: Take it for a test drive

Enter a valid email, select your input device and then create your very own BioSig-ID™ gesture password. A few things to take note of:

  • BioSig-ID™ aggressively learns more of the users biometrics with each validation, meaning it is at its most secure after repeated uses.

  • Each instance is completely configurable, even the security-to-usability ratio. If you need it more secure, but your users may (or may not) have to focus a bit more, we can increase the threshold that is required to accept a validation.

  • It does not matter where you draw, but how you draw. Once you feel comfortable try drawing each character on top of each other.

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