Experience the amazing biometric password now and see how easy BioSig-ID is to use. Sign up takes only about 2 minutes. You'll create a 4 character password that you'll draw with your finger or mouse. Use any device. We do need your email address to validate your password but don't worry, it won't be shared.



Watch this quick 2 minute video before test driving or jump right in if you're game!  Over half our users call our biometric password "entertaining." 

Why use BioSig-ID? For users, it protects devices with unbeatable security - no one gets in, even if they know your password. Your drawing style is basically impossible to reproduce.

For institutions and enterprise, BioSig-ID secures your network with both multi-factor authentication and multi-layer security in an affordable, cloud-based solution that makes migrating to the coming new standard of identity authentication painless. With forensic audit trails and real time Suspicious Activity Reports, your I.T. department receives early warning of potential fraud so they can take action before you're hit.  

Test Drives take place in our sandbox and aren't integrated with any school, healthcare, financial or other systems.
Feel free to have fun with it!

A valid email is required to take the test drive, but the address will not be given or sold.

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