WIN USD 500.00 if you successfully crack the biometric password “Mom” (shown below) using BioSig-ID™!!

What is BioSig-ID™?

BioSig-ID™ is a patented, software only biometric technology that provides the strongest form of identity authentication on the market today with a twist:  unlike other biometrics, fingerprint/iris scans, no ADDITIONAL HARDWARE is required!  BioSig-ID™ protects your identity from being stolen and stops imposters attempting to access your accounts online. In seconds, this software biometric technology determines whether the person who registered/created their biometric password, is indeed the same person trying to gain access to their online activity/ account.  Because of its ease of use, this technology was recently chosen from 180 companies by the White House NSTIC initiative to stop identity theft online.

How BioSig-ID™ works:

Using just a finger, mouse or stylus, users create a biometric password by drawing a series of letters or numbers on a drawing area that appears on the screen of your PC, smartphone or tablet. Your gesture biometrics such as the speed, angle, length, width of stroke and order define your unique drawing pattern. We use these patterns to positively identify users as they log in.  Biometric passwords like Mom (shown below), may appear the same to an imposter by visual inspection. However, passwords may not have been drawn as they appear. The software detects differences in the way that the password is drawn and can successfully differentiate between valid users and imposters.

Why are we holding this Contest?

BioSig-ID™ stops imposters!  PINS, passwords, security questions are not secure enough and have allowed all of us to be comprised by imposters. We want you to experience the dramatic effect BioSig-ID™ can have in protecting your personal assets.  Only the real user can authenticate themselves against their previously created biometric password, and only when identity is confirmed, access to the device, files or account is granted.

INSTRUCTIONS for Spoof contest using the biometric password “Mom” to win $500.00

“Go Verify Yourself” and be the first person to duplicate the password “Mom” as it appears on the screenshot below from our audit trail.

Screenshot showing the actual BioSig-ID password that you can try to spoof to win!


Draw the biometric password “Mom” anywhere inside the 4 boxed drawing pad area below using your mouse, finger, or stylus. ***If using a mouse, hold the left mouse button down while drawing***

Click the Validate button after each attempt.  Unlimited attempts available, so get creative!

If you get a message in green saying you are successful in validating, please email us your name, contact information, day and time you received this message to

After we verify your win using our audit trail, we will contact you. We'll also give you a display image for social media proclaiming your greatness.

Add a comment below and also qualify for a drawing for a FREE “Go Verify Yourself” T-Shirt! 

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