We’re excited about our new product BioProof-ID, which combines the best of intelligent biometric software with live authentication agents to provide an unbeatable chain of identity verification. Developed with our partner B Virtual, BioProof-ID is the first verification system of its kind; live witnesses via webcam verify the user’s government ID then watch as the user creates a hand drawn biometric password that can be used on any network – from online education to healthcare to eCommerce.

Users simply draw four characters with their finger or mouse – depending on device – and their unique writing style is captured, a style that can’t be faked by anyone else. BioProof-ID’s intelligent software (BioSig-ID technology) measures speed, angle, height and many other algorithmic factors to create a profile that will compare all future logins to make sure they match. The biometric accuracy has been assessed at 99.97% by independent auditor Tolly Group.  What’s so revolutionary is the addition of an online agent to confirm a user’s legal identity with government ID like passport or driver’s license first - immediately before the password creation. This first authentication step ensures the highest level of identity surety for any network that wants to tightly secure access.

Because there is no break in the process between legal confirmation and the creation of a login password, organizations of all kinds will have unprecedented confidence in their identity verification procedure.  And the whole process only takes a couple of minutes so it’s easy on users, creating no friction at sign up.

Just think what BioProof-ID can do.  Imagine a world with no chargebacks because literally no one in the world could fake your sign-in to Amazon.com.  Imagine online classrooms where students who sign in to their learning management system can’t be replaced by ringers for cheating or loan fraud.  Imagine the security of knowing precisely who accessed your medical records in the system.  What if you could incontrovertibly prove that someone really is who they say they are?

It’s a dramatic development in the online identity ecosystem where we all know that identity is fluid. Because of the ease of sharing and hacking user name/password combinations, you can never be sure who, exactly, is behind a computer.

BioProof-ID changes all that, incontrovertibly tying an actual person to an actual device, backed by confirmed legal identity.  This privacy sensitive solution stores no picture or data from the government ID, and uses a gesture biometric that avoids the privacy liability of physical body biometrics that can’t be replaced if stolen.  With BioProof-ID the biometric password can be reset any time.

When you need to be absolutely sure that no unauthorized person will access your network, BioProof-ID will give you peace of mind.