• BSI to provide National Fingerprint with worldwide virtual identity proofing and verification
  • Online credentialing professionals provide 24/7 online authentication support and witness the biometric password creation in real-time
  • BioProof-ID  replaces traditional in-person encounters and creates a new industry standard for online identity proofing and verification

DALLAS, TX – August 10, 2017 – Today, Biometric Signature ID, the leading developer of software only ID verification for web accessed accounts and devices, announced their newest partnership with National Fingerprint (NFp) where they will provide virtual ID proofing and verification services. Deployment of BSI’s patented software, BioProof-ID, eliminates the need for costly in-person encounters and provides NFp customers with the ability to authenticate themselves virtually in front of a Trusted Observer TM from anywhere in the world. BioProof-ID is a web-based platform that combines remote human verification of user identity, with the power of BioSig-ID’s unique gesture biometric password solution.

 “Our partnership with National Fingerprint, Inc. marks a historic milestone for BSI,” said Jeff Maynard, President / CEO, Biometric Signature ID. “NFp’s unique fingerprinting service is unlike anything on the market today and creates a new unique market vertical for our company. Previously, customers would have to schedule a physical appointment with a Trusted Observer who would meet to authenticate the individual every time fingerprints were requested. Thanks to BioProof-ID, these appointments can now be scheduled and completed remotely via a computer or laptop, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.”

Prior to the implementation of BioProof-ID, National Fingerprint’s authentication solution was labor intensive. Customers would place their initial order online which would then summon a Registered Trusted Observer to meet with the customer for a face-to-face meeting. Using NFp’s patented Self-Capture Packs, its Trusted Observer would verify the individual’s ID, acquire multiple fingerprint specimens and ensure the secure transit of said specimens to National Fingerprint’s lab.

Using BioProof-ID, the identity verification process is streamlined and customers are immediately free to begin the registration process at their leisure. Once an order is placed online, the Self-Capture Pack is mailed out. Upon receipt, customers can begin the registration process using any device at their convenience from anywhere in the world. During the registration process, individuals will connect virtually with a certified BioProof-ID Trusted Observer via webcam who will then complete the identity proofing process and witness the creation of the individual’s unique BioSig-ID password. ID verification for additional fingerprint submittals can be done in seconds thanks to BioSig-ID’s patented gesture biometric technology.

 “We are excited to partner with Biometric Signature ID as we expand our portfolio and product offering worldwide,” said Dave Allburn, Founder/CEO, National Fingerprint, Inc. “BSI’s technology is light years ahead of the competition and puts us at the forefront of our industry. Thanks to their cloud-based solution, we are able to offer our services on a global scale and reach anyone at any time.”

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About Biometric Signature ID
Biometric Signature ID based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA). BSI was selected 20 Most Promising Ed Tech companies by CIO REVIEW, was independent third party tested at 99.97% accuracy, reports a 98% user satisfaction rate and has a worldwide family of users who have used BioSig-ID to protect their identity over 10M times from 95 countries. BSI’s technology provides secure banking transactions, safeguards healthcare records, gates exams or multiple quizzes, protects against online theft and helps organizations to control risk, reduce fraud, manage security and maintain compliance. For more information, please visit

About National Fingerprint, Inc. and Biometric Self-capture™ Fingerprinting
National Fingerprint (NFp) was registered as an Ohio LLC in December, 2007 and became a C-corp in July 2010. Founder David Allburn invented the Self-capture™ Pack methodology in June 2007 while trying to fingerprint groups. He and Ohio University MBA students noticed the Packs offered value for printing individuals; on-site convenience, identification certainty, solid chain-of-custody, worldwide distribution, speed and economy. Encouraged by Ohio’s Entrepreneurship Signature Program he patented the process and developed the business with solid legal advice and financial backing.

Biometric Self-capture™ issued as a process patent, which includes not just the accountable forms and collection method, but also the back-end anti-fraud laboratory processing methodology. The Self-capture™ Packs have been in continuous use since early 2008, affirming the value proposition, the unique distribution channels, and validating product claims.

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National Fingerprint, Inc. Media Contact: John Barber | | (740) 767-3853