Dallas, Texas---February 7, 2011  Biometric Signature ID ("BSI") announced today the results of a major study using their biometric software only for student authentication from their PCs using just a mouse.  “The study was very successful with 100% of participants able to enroll and validate multiple times throughout the course,” said Jeff Maynard, President of BSI.  According to Stephen Levey, Ed.D. Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Instructionat Houston Community College, “BSI’s biometric technology is a new twist compared to the more traditional biometrics like fingerprint scanners as they do not require any special hardware or installation. The technology was found to be extremely effective with 98% of surveyed students having a positive experience. We were quite pleased with the results.”

The re-authorized Education Act requires an institution that offers distance education to have processes that establish the student who registers in a distance education course is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives the academic credit. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, HCC’s accrediting agency, also makes the same recommendation. “It is not just about finding a lower cost replacement for proctoring exams to ensure academic integrity," said Maynard.  “The need is to find identity proofing solutions that can be used efficiently in all distance learning environments including login, discussion groups, attendance checking, paper submissions or accessing personal student files.” 

The pilot project involved HCC’s six colleges over an eight week period where students remotely authenticated their identity six times. The purpose of the pilot was to gauge user acceptance and test the technology’s accuracy and reliability. In total, 140 students completed the enrollment process. Nearly 5,100 signature enrollment/authentications were completed by the participants in 69 days for an average of nearly 37 activities per participant.

Of the students who completed the project—enrollment, six validations and a feedback survey, 93% felt enrollment was easy and 90% said the same about the validation process. A majority of students liked that BioSig-ID provided more protection than passwords. Nearly 50% of students thought the BSI system was entertaining and 23% felt its use would decrease academic dishonesty. Participating students thought the system was very easy to use and appreciated its value in increasing security. Enrollment and validation required very little of participating students’ time as average authentication only took 26 seconds. Little administration and help desk calls were required throughout the study.

About Biometric Signature ID

A Dallas based software company, BSI provides identity proofing solutions to reduce identity fraud through its’ patented BioSig-ID Online™ biometric signature and gesture technology. The technology works with any mouse, stylus or touchpad on any PC anywhere, anytime. BSI has perfected a way to identify persons by the unique biometric movements they make with their mouse (speed, direction, number of strokes, angle and length which are unique to each individual). Users enroll one time to create a profile (stored in a secure database) and thereafter validate their identity in seconds. The BSI technology provides multi factor authentication in one product. BioSig-ID offers multiple levels of security and provides a unique “closed loop” that helps to reduce or eliminate help desk calls for password resets.

In addition to completing technology proof of concepts with multiple major universities and colleges, BSI has completed independent third party testing. The BioSig-ID software received an outstanding 99.97% accuracy (false positive) in identifying and stopping imposters from a successful log in. This level exceeded the minimum federal standard for biometrics and false positive rates by a three fold factor. Additionally, the BioSig-ID software was able to identify legitimate users and permit access at an extremely high rate of 99.78%. These outstanding results combined with an excellent 98% positive user experience confirm the signature gesture dynamic biometric technology is the newest solution for identity fraud reduction.

About Houston Community College

HCC is one of the nation’s largest institutions of higher learning with more than 70,000 students each semester including more international students (8%) than any community college in the country. Students can choose from the multiple campus locations of six colleges. Since its opening in 1971, more than 1.3 million students have improved their lives through education and training obtained from Houston Community College.

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Stephen Levey, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Instruction
Houston Community College
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