Dallas, Texas, August 31, 2010---Biometric Signature ID ("BSI") announced today the results of a major study using their software only biometric for student authentication from their PCs using just a mouse.  “The study was very successful with 100% of participants from 9 campuses able to enroll and validate multiple times throughout the course,” said Maynard.  According to Lori McNabb, Assistant Director at the University of Texas System Telecampus, “BSI’s biometric technology is a new twist compared to the more traditional biometrics like fingerprint scanners as they do not require any special hardware or installation.” The technology was found to be extremely effective with 99% of surveyed students having a positive experience. BSI has become a leader in remote authentication to verify student identity.”

The re-authorized Education Act requires an institution that offers distance education to have processes that establish the student who registers in a distance education course is the same student who participates in and completes the program and receives the academic credit. “It is not just about finding a lower cost replacement for proctoring exams to ensure academic integrity," said Maynard.  “The need is to find identity proofing solutions that can be used efficiently in all distance learning environments including discussion groups, attendance checking, paper submissions, or accessing personal student files.”

The pilot project involved eight academic and one medical branch campus over a five week period where students had to authenticate their identity remotely 10 times. The purpose of the pilot was to gauge user acceptance and test the technology.  Forty-five faculty members gave permission to canvas their students resulting in 167 students completing the enrollment process. Fifty-two percent of participating students were undergraduates and 38% were graduate students. Fifty percent of participating students were from math and sciences, business and education courses, while students from humanities, fine arts, nursing, and various medical disciplines made up the balance.

Of the students who completed the project—enrollment, ten validations, and a feedback survey---97% felt enrollment was easy and 93% said the same about the validation process. A majority of students liked that BioSig-ID provided more protection than passwords. Nearly 40% of students thought the BSI system was entertaining and 80% of students spent more time in the system than was asked. Participating students thought the system was very easy to use and appreciated its value in increasing security. Enrollment and validation required very little of participating students’ time as average authentication only took 21.5 seconds. Little administration and help desk calls were required.



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