This week at Finovate Financial & Banking Technology Conference Jeff Maynard, CEO of BSI, presented BioSig-ID™. Finovate attendance of over 1,300 gave BSI a unique opportunity to show the financial industry just what true biometric identity verification is.

With only 7 minutes to give a live demonstration, Mr. Maynard promptly demonstrated how BioSig-ID™ can help restore confidence with users in the financial world, by validating user identity in seconds using gesture biometrics. The demo showed how an imposter who attempts to gain access and makes a transaction will be stopped by BioSig-ID. By raising assurance on a user’s identity confidence is restored when completing online transactions. Financial institutions, online merchants and consumers are all expected to create new service offerings to facilitate more purchases online. Following the demonstration, Mr. Maynard included the reasons why BioSig-ID™ is a perfect biometric solution:

  • No extra hardware or software to install: reduces cost and inconvenience
  • Highly scalable cloud based: BioSig-ID™ is used across the world in over 50 countries
  • Positive User experience: 98% of users enjoyed the use of BioSig-ID
  • Highly accurate: 99.97% makes the software reliable and secure
  • Bring Your Own Device: activation on any PC, touchscreen, touchpad

Following the presentation, BSI staff made themselves available for any follow up questions. The turnout for Q&A was unprecedented with many financial and credit card companies booking follow up meetings.

Check back to with the Finovate website to see the video of our presentation in the weeks to come!


About Biometric Signature ID

Biometric Signature ID is a five year old, Dallas based software company. BSI’s software only solutions positively identify a user’s identity for internet based transactions or access into secured environments.  BSI has developed a multi-factor authentication approach that meets with market standards and requirements by the government and the commercial sector. BSI products are unique in that they can be used anywhere, anytime on any PC, touchpad or touchscreen.  The software does not require any additional or expensive hardware to be installed.


About Finovate

Finovate is the first demo-focused conference series in financial technology.

All Finovate events are organized by The Finovate Group, a boutique banking technology research firm based in Seattle, Washington.Founded in 1995,The Finovate Group is best known for its research publication Online Banking Report and its popular blog


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