Bio-Sig ID: Ultra Secure Authentication For The Classroom

Did you know that passwords and pins are the least secure authentication tool out there?  Fingerprints, or rather fingerprint data can be stolen as well, and once your fingerprint is gone you can never use it again, at least not securely. Iris scanners and facial recognition can be very costly. For years we’ve been yearning for a better way of protecting our identities and where needed, securely authenticating ourselves.

BioMetric Signature ID has created that way.

It works like this; the user draws their biometric ID with their fingertip or mouse. That biometric data from that ID is recorded and becomes the user’s biometric signature ID. Even with the best technology it can’t be copied. It’s not like a signature written on pen or paper that can be forged, the technology is capturing the data of the users actual hand moving in the process. Thus making it the most secure password and authentication tool out there.

In fact, it’s so secure that in 10,000 attempts the Biometric Signature ID couldn’t be hacked, even when the people hired to hack it were given the actual password. Again it’s not about the password or the signature it’s about how the hand moved when creating it. No two hands will act just alike. The company claims it’s 99.7% accurate.


When the BioMetric Signature ID is combined with BioProof-ID and the company’s online legal ID witnessing application as well as their forensic audit trail you have a completely authentic, non-hackable system for validating who is actually taking an online course, test or exam.  In K-12 environments BioMetric Signature ID can even be used to validate the adult picking up a child from school.

“BioSig-ID technology allows us to ensure the student who registered for the course is the same student who is trying to access exams… An additional benefit is the extensive reporting tool providing the ability to uncover suspicious behaviors that can identify possible academic dishonesty.” Dr. Laura L. Watson, Deputy Chancellor, Academic and Student Services, Central Texas College said on the company’s website.

As they explained in the video above, BioMetric Signature ID’s patented technology studies and authenticates the way a person writes, not what is actually written. No two people write exactly the same making the Bio-Sig ID one of the most effective tools out there. When a person is concerned that their BioMetric Signature ID has been compromised they just change the handwritten word and it’s updated across platform.

The uses for BioMetric Signature ID are limitless. They already use it in colleges, universities, medical facilities and even the Senate Research Center.

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