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JULY 2014
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Biometric Signature ID
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An annual listing of 20 companies that are in the forefront of tackling
education technology challenges and impacting the marketplace
Biometric Signature ID
Cloud-based student /
userID verification and
forensic reporting so-
lutions using patented,
gesture biometrics
technology to prevent
Key Person:
Jeff Maynard,
CEO & Founder
20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers
he education sector is evolving with nature defining speeds
towards new ways of teaching and learning. The metamorphosis
is brought out by advent of technology in education. Smart
mobile devices, social networking, virtual classrooms, identity
management systems, faculty evaluation systems, data analytics and
array of educational technologies have taken education to all new
heights—both within and outside the classrooms.
The major change is reflecting in the traditional book based
learning that is being replaced with digital solutions. With this,
teachers now have the ability to engage students in better ways like
projecting the 3D image of DNA on to the screen and simulating
the process of Meiosis and Mitosis. The same technology can be
applied to any streams of learning. Assisting these learning methods
are a multitude of smart devices, which were earlier considered as
distractions for students. But the very devices are now leading way for
immersive learning. Teachers are distributing learning contents to all
the students’ devices and roam across the class instructing and helping
individuals with doubts.
Technology is also helping the institutions to better cater to
student’s idiosyncrasies, through data analytics. The historic academic
data is analyzed with respect to students social background, their
interests and the current trends in education to guide them towards
the best courses and colleges available and also help design best
teaching methods to suite their learning abilities.
With universities growing in size, establishing various branches and
offering online education, it becomes necessary to securely manage
student and staff data, ensure strict and smooth authentication
processes and manage identities. All these needs are catered by
identity, student and faculty management systems.
There are array of such technologies that are changing education
landscape for good. Now the teachers have better instructional tools,
administrators have better management tools and students have
better learning tools. Behind the scenes are group of companies that
are fueling this educational transformations through their innovative
technological solutions.
In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “20 Most Promising
Education Technology Solution Providers 2014” and “20 Most
Promising Education Technology Service Providers 2014,” featuring the
best solution and service providers offering technologies and services
related to Education. The companies listed here showcases extensive
business knowledge and innovative strategies combined with talent
base across locations.
A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts
and CIO Review editorial board has selected the top players from over
thousand companies. The listing provide a look into how education
solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive
understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for
you, and how they shape up against the competition.
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july 2014
nlike traditional schools,
online education doesn’t
require a physical
presence of the students. This has led
to identity fraud allowing academic
dishonesty and multi-billion dollar
financial aid fraud,” says Jeff Maynard,
CEO, President, and Founder, Biometric
Signature ID (BSI). “There is a vibrant
underground economy of over 1,000
websites that offer homework, exams
and even online participation for a
fee,” he adds. Additionally, thousands
of fraud rings using straw students
apply for and receive grant monies that
costs billions of dollars in fraud and
reduce the pool of aid for all students.
The Department of education reacted
to these trends by mandating new
student ID verification regulations
to put a process in place to verify the
registered student is the same person
who is accessing and completing the
online course. Compliance was very
poor. But now, after an audit from 8
schools revealed that $222M was given
in aid to 42,000 online students, none of
whom received an academic credit, new
stricter rules on student ID verification
have emerged. If colleges and
universities dont adopt stricter student
ID verification technology beyond PINs
and passwords as detailed in their Final
Audit Report February 21st 2014 by the
Office of Inspector General, continued
access to Title IV funds, a major source
of revenues for most schools, may be
in jeopardy. However there is good
news for schools who are worried about
maintaining Title IV funds, BSI offers
a compliance package for these new
student ID verification regulations.
The company offers a biometric
software only solution called BioSig-
ID™ that requires NO additional
hardware. BioSig-ID captures the way
a user moves their finger or mouse on
a drawing area that appears on a touch
screen or monitor. The unique pattern
of speed, direction, length, height,
width and angle is captured creating a
template that future logins are compared
to. “Think of ‘etch a sketch’ but now we
capture and store your unique writing
pattern,” says Maynard. BioSig-ID
distinguishes the user’s pattern from
others and grants access to the gradable
event or exam only after confirming
the identity. BioSig-ID, is integrated
with all learning management systems
and since it is cloud-based, access
is universal, anytime and anywhere,
without needing any extra hardware
required by other biometrics.
BSI boasts over 3 million uses, 90
clients, and users in over 70 countries
across various verticals, including
Online Education, Healthcare,
Financial, Enterprise and Ecommerce.
One of the company’s clients, EduKan
uses BioSig-ID to manage the online
courses for a consortium of six colleges
in Kansas. EduKan has replaced
virtually all proctoring with BioSig-
ID and reported saving money and
significant time for faculty. As the
organization’s courses also included
other assessments such as discussion/
participation groups and quizzes, it
needed a technology that could be
used for all gradable events. “We
were looking for a solution that would
allow our students to authenticate
their identity randomly throughout the
duration of course,” says Mark Sarver,
CEO, EduKan. “BSI’s technology met
our needs andaligned with our mission
of remaining affordable and accessible
while maintaining student privacy,” he
Riding on such success stories
and survey results showing 98 percent
positive user experiences, BSI is
expecting large increase in use of its
entire suite of biometric solutions that
provide security for all web and mobile
apps, ecommerce purchases and PC/
mobile device lock down security.
After drawing only 4 characters, BioSig-ID
software can determine if the registered
student is the same student accessing the
course material
Jeff Maynard
Biometric Signature ID
Identity Authentication Using Gestures