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Don’t get caught invading your students privacy!

See how Central Texas College uses technology that prevents student privacy invasion.

Event: SACS COC “Georgia on Our MINDS.” convention.

Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta GA. Room B210

Time: Sunday Dec 4th   11:45am – 12:15 pm

Presenter: Dr. Angela Reese DBA, Professor/Online Manager, Central Texas College

Co-Presenter: Jeff Maynard BSc, CEO – Biometric Signature ID™

Remote proctoring has found a place in preventing students from exam cheating when taking online courses. Using a web cam they record document ID, ask for a 360 of the test room, take over the students PC, record audio, take pictures of the face, have students download software to use a single secure browser, record the entire session and some even interrupt the student with live proctors. This level of invasiveness has students pushing back against these privacy violations and newfound racial/gender bias. This has created much bad will with over 250,000 students signing “Stop Use Petitions” in in over 200 colleges. Some students are even suing their schools while privacy groups are threatening to sue and a Senate investigation about business practices has started.

It should be simpler to achieve the same results without collecting all this invasive data. It is also important to consider student retention and consequences of imposing these severe privacy issues if alternatives exist. Central Texas College took part in a pilot to assess the utility of BioSight-ID™ – a new exam monitoring system that blurs student faces when recording them during exams. Presentation will talk about the issues with current technologies and share CTC’s positive results with the use of BioSight-ID™ for exam monitoring.