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A "zero doubt" investor ecosystem.

So you can
deliver secure,
client-specific journeys.

These are more than words to you, and to us as well.

Our technology is used by more than two million users, and is designed to protect their identity, respect their privacy, and provide irrefutable accountability of their actions through every step of their journey. 

BSI's technology is the digital thread that can safely connect your stakeholders to shape the future you seek.






BSI biometric technology is
not like the others...

BSI's CVL technology gives BioSig-ID a unique advantage over other multiple factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Some solution providers meet ONE of the "something I am", "something I have" or "something I know" requirements. 

BSI's solutions meets all three in one instance, while respecting the user's privacy rights. 

In addition, BSI's CVL technology requires the user to authenticate in a way that only one person can do; the one who generated the credentials.


Meets all factors in one action.

I am...

This factor relies on behavioral biometrics. The user's mind and thoughts are the "am", which can' be stolen.

I know...

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

I have...

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.

This factor is met by reproducing the credentials by writing, or gesturing them as only one user can do.

Other solution providers meet one or two factors.

I am...

Physical Biometrics

To meet this factor, other technologies require the use of expensive and highly specialized equipment.


If the "special" device is broken or lost, this factor can't be met.

I know...

Technology Users

This factor is met by knowing the password, or symbols used to generate the credentials.

Usually easily lost or stolen because it is in ASCII format.

I have...

Hardware Providers

This factor is met using an ubiquitous personal device like cellphone, computer, or like device.


Patented. Tested.
Used by Millions.


Years of Experience


US Customers


Current Users


Qtrly Uses


Patented Claims


Privilege Access Manager (PAM) access.

It is not sufficient that the credentials to access a PAM are known; it is essential that only those with the proper training and need to access are granted access to the PAM.


When access must be controlled to a limited few, under tight constraints, BSI technology excels.


We restrict access to the human with both the knowledge and business need to access the PAM. 

Certified investment transactions.

If you must know "who" instead of "whose credentials were used" to execute an investment transaction; that is where our CVL technology excels.

Credentials generated with BSI technology can only be used by the same person that created them. This means that they can be used to certify who executed an investment transaction, or granted access to a record; without question.

POS signature transaction validation.

Beyond capturing an image of a signature to "show" in a receipt; imagine the power of adding a layer of security without adding a single step or incremental effort from every consumer.

BSI's CVL technology can be used in conjunction with most existing POS hardware so that while the consumer "signs" on the screen, a final identity check is completed, certifying that the person executing the transaction is the one and only person in the world who created the credentials and is the owner of the credit card.

Imagine the power and impact in stopping fraudulent transactions effortlessly.

Wet signature replacement.

Many "digital signature" solutions are a "certified true" picture of your mark. To be clearer, the picture of your signature adds no value; just psychological support.

BSI's CVL technology provides a level of security previously unavailable. We can assert that the signature that is shown was presented by the only person in the world that can recreate it; the person that originally created it.

  • PIN verification
  • Special transaction validation
  • Identity validation at brick-and-mortar locations
  • POS transaction validation.

Avoid financial risk via ...

Superior Biometrics

Millions of transactions and their associated dollars are managed by commercial and financial institutions every hour of every day.

Scammers, phishers, hackers, fake credit card users, and other financial criminals are constantly boosting stolen credit cards, pins, passwords, and credentials impersonating rightful owners around the world.

Every wrongfully approved transaction is a financial burden and risk to your organization, your customers,  and your eCommerce and credit card partners.

Protect the digital identity of every customer.


Our patented behavioral biometric technology protects your customers' online and real world identity. It links online digital access to the presence of a single authorized user, not to their credentials. It does this without collecting, transferring, or storing any personal identifiable information. It provides Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA) in a simple and reliable authorized user experience that no AI/ML algorithm or cyber criminal can replicate.

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