Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI) announced today that the patented BioSig-ID™ signature gesture biometric technology for identity authentication was selected by Pearson eCollege, as a technology partner for its LearningStudio online learning platform to verify student identity during the academic administration of the course and exams.

BSI is the only software company with this patented technology that exceeds governmental requirements and accuracy ratings in the $12.6B Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication market. Experts have predicted that there will be 25 million post-secondary students in the US taking classes online by 2016. While this growth is good news for students and online colleges, the need to manage the verification process of their students as required by federal law can be costly.  Adding BSI as a technology partner will help Pearson eCollege customers keep administrative tasks associated with their growth to a minimum and provide a transparent solution to students that is low-cost and easy to use while maintaining the highest level of student integrity.

“We are pleased to offer our customers ways to tackle the increasingly important area of reducing student cheating,” said Matt Leavy, CEO of Pearson eCollege.  “With the integration between our platforms, we can help protect schools’ academic integrity and the reputation of their online programs.” BioSig-ID is a software-only solution to verify student biometric passwords that, combined with an additional layer of security called Click-ID, offers a robust, multi-factor authentication process that provides institutions with a compliance solution for the new federal regulation that requires institutions to verify the identify of every online student for accreditation purposes. The solution also can help reduce helpdesk and proctoring costs.

“Partnering with Pearson eCollege, a trusted leader in the learning management space, was a logical progression in our efforts to provide our low-cost identify proofing solution to schools,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO, Biometric Signature ID.  “One of the benefits to integrating our user-friendly technology with Pearson LearningStudio is the added flexibility it will give to educators, enabling their regulatory compliance efforts and providing confidence in knowing who is using their systems.”

BSI’s Identity Management software does not require any additional hardware or software downloads, can be used on any PC anywhere, anytime, does not collect personal identifying information, and tracks and reports all interactions. The cost for this technology is capped per student, thereby saving students money on additional examination proctoring fees, which was also a benefit for keeping the cost of education manageable for the students. BSI’s premier product BioSig-ID™ is a unique biometric handwriting and gesture technology that is activated simply by using a mouse to create an online positive ID and includes their Click-ID technology designed to verify the user’s identity by clicking on specific objects in a selected image.

About Pearson eCollege

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About Biometric Signature ID

A Dallas-based software company, Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI), provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its patented BioSig-ID Online™ biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. BSI has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for developing the Product Innovation of the Year, and have been vetted by the 17-member advisory committee of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and granted a commercialization award for their break-through technology. Most recently BSI received a proof-of-performance validation from the Tolly Group’s independent testing lab receiving a 99.97% rating of accuracy (false positive rate) that exceeds recommended NIST standards by 3-fold. Their identity proofing products have worldwide applications including student ID verification, secure online banking, and healthcare records access and identity verifications for Internet-based transactions. To learn more about how BSI solutions can help with your Identity proofing needs visit our web site at or call us at (800) 871-2817.