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The World's First Biometric Password

BioSig-ID™   -   No  Hardware  Identity  Authentication

  • Users draw password with finger or mouse
  • Cloud-based
  • Can't be lost, stolen or borrowed
  • Complete multi-factor solution
  • Privacy friendly - no body part data collected

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EDUKAN Renews Contract with Biometric Signature ID for Continued Online Student Verification

BSI’s technology reduces the EDUKAN Consortium operational costs by 93% in physical proctoring allowing them to pass on the savings to students which could cost up to $400 a year

EDUKAN, leader in distance education for college students since 1998 announced today they have renewed their contract with Biometric Signature ID’s student ID authentication technology to meet HEOA and accreditation requirements. Click here to read more


BioSig-ID is Unlike Any Other Biometric

BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format we’re already comfortable with. It provides the strength of biometrics without the risk and liability of collecting precious biometric data like your face or fingerprints. BioSig-ID is a gestural biometric, simply a behavior that can be easily replaced or revised. It’s just as distinguishing, but non-invasive. There is literally nothing like it anywhere. BioSig-ID is the first truly privacy-conscious biometric app. - Jeff Maynard, Founder of Biometric Signature ID



A Biometric With a Twist

Authenticates Access to Any Network

The game changing idea of using a gesture biometric for password creation unites new technology with the login format people already understand. Users draw a unique biometric password that imposters cannot steal. BioSig-ID™ captures the user’s unique movements including direction, speed, length, angle, pressure and height as they draw a 4 digit password.  Body part data not required!

BioSig-ID works on any device with finger, stylus or mouse. It can replace your current security or be used as an additional layer.  Secures any network including Education, Financial, Healthcare, eCommerce, Enterprise and more.

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Third party testing found BioSig-ID blocked 99.97% of 10,000 login attempts by testers who were provided with the password.

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Take BioSIg-ID™ out for a spin by creating your own biometric password. Use your mouse or finger to draw your password on any device.

Use letters, number or symbols.... whatever you want. We'll ask you for a valid email address so you can verify your ID. No worries, this will never be sold or shared.

Take A Test Drive

How Do I Create a Password?


Take two minutes...

... and watch the above BioSig-ID™ enrollment video to show just how quick and easy it is to create a password for any of our biometric solutions.

Biometric Signature ID Announces New Financing

Dallas Texas, March 10, 2017 Biometric Signature ID announces new financing from an existing investor who will quadruple their initial investment.

Jeff Maynard, CEO of Biometric Signature ID stated this growth capital will expand our marketing and sales teams and add additional infrastructure.

BSI had it most successful year ever and is at the next major inflection point for growth. In addition to being the market leader in higher education the company is winning new business in healthcare, financial services, enterprise and mobile. New products BioProof-ID™, and new launches with BioTect-ID™, BioSafe-ID™ and BioSign-ID™ will provide much needed solutions for identity authentication before access to virtual assets or devices.

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Powerful Security

• Multi-factor and Multi-layer all in one
• 99.97% keeps imposters out
• Dynamic Accuracy Leveling
• Real-time suspicious activity alerts
• Does not increase privacy liability



Effective & Easy Use

• 98% positive user experience
• Under 1% help desk calls
• Self Service Password Reset via SMS
• A biometric password that resets
• Does not collect invasive body images



Easy Implementation

• No hardware required
• No tokens, fobs or keys
• No storing or managing passwords
• Wide interoperability
• Rapid deployment




See if you can break our security and win $500

“Go Verify Yourself” and be the first person to duplicate the password “Mom” as it appears on the screenshot below from our audit trail.


Click here to try your hand at breaking our password.



Biometric Signature ID Scores An Outstanding 99.97% Accuracy Against Identity Fraud From Tolly Group

Biometric Signature ID’s BioSig-ID™ signature gesture biometric technology for identity authentication received a proof-of-performance validation from the Tolly Group’s independent testing lab receiving a 99.97% rating of accuracy in identifying imposters. Incorporating “Gesture Biometrics” as part of a fixed or mobile “defense-in-depth” protocol reduces risk of unauthorized access and assures accountability and compliance with corporate policies, regulations, and cyber laws. Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI) announced today that the patented BioSig-ID™ signature gesture biometric technology for identity authentication received an outstanding 99.97% accuracy in identifying and stopping imposters from a successful log in from The Tolly Group, an independent third party IT testing company.

Additionally, the BioSig-ID software was able to identify legitimate users and permit access at an extremely high rate of 99.78%. Combining these results with a 99% positive user experience rating validates BSI as the newest solution available today for identity fraud reduction. BSI is the only software company with this patented technology that exceeds NIST requirements in the $12.6B Identity and Access Management (IAM) authentication market.

About the 3rd party testing: All testing was completed by The Tolly Group, a premier independent IT test lab. BSI’s BioSig-ID™ software uses a standard mouse and requires no additional hardware. Test subjects were asked to register and enroll in the patented BioSig-ID™ software and create a password consisting of a combination of numbers, shapes or letters. After they created their password, it was stored in an encrypted database and users were asked to validate their identity against this stored password. Test subjects were also asked to challenge the system and "spoof" 20 other users’ passwords. Passwords were as simple as MOM. Tolly engineers measured the effectiveness and accuracy of the BioSig-ID software with 93 test subjects over 3 days. Over 15,000 logon attempts were made during testing.

A copy of this report can be downloaded here.

According to Kevin Tolly President of the Tolly Group, the "BioSig-ID software performed beyond expectations. It is impressive that even simple passwords like MOM could not be broken by subjects who are experienced users of the software." BioSig-ID™ software measures the unique behavioral characteristics of the way an individual draws with their mouse, stylus, touchpad or finger. Metrics such as speed, angle, # of strokes, direction, order, or length are unique to the individual when they sign or draw. BioSig-ID™ can even distinguish subtle differences amongst users. In contrast, most security solutions including passwords, pins, tokens, or security questions do not authenticate the true identity of the person attempting to log into or access devices. “We’re pleased that the proof-of-performance validation we received from the Tolly Group was so remarkable,” said Jeff Maynard, president and CEO of Biometric Signature ID. "This test provides our buyers with the confidence that BSI is a highly accurate and viable solution for reducing security risks and eliminating identity fraud.” BioSig-ID software was designed to only collect behaviors and these can be easily revoked or replaced. Once the criminals have a copy of your fingerprint for example, there's no way you can change this and they have an important piece of your individuality forever. As cyber attacks continue to exploit vulnerabilities in people, processes and technologies, using multi-factor authentication, identity proofing is even more critical to reduce security risks, exceed regulatory compliance requirements and corporate responsibility mandates. "Other biometric technologies like fingerprint or iris scans, collect physical attributes of the individual from readers or machines but poses significant cost and distribution issues for organizations looking to reduce identity fraud," said Jeff Maynard, President and CEO, of Biometric Signature ID.

“BSI’s solution doesn’t require additional hardware and is a low-cost, highly scalable, and user friendly. BSI’s premier product BioSig-ID™ is a unique biometric handwriting and gesture technology that is activated simply by using a mouse to create an online positive ID and includes their Click-ID technology designed to verify the user’s identity by clicking on specific objects in a selected image. uSignOnline™ enables users to sign contracts online, thereby increasing and protecting revenue while providing proof that the user authorized the action. WinLogon™ is a new product coming in spring 2011 that only allows access by the actual user to their authenticated personal computer or other personal device control. To find out more about BSI and their IAM solutions, please contact the company directly at

About Biometric Signature ID A Dallas-based software company, Biometric Signature ID, Inc. (BSI), provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its’ patented BioSig-ID Online™ biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. Activation is from any mouse, stylus, or touchpad on any PC anywhere, anytime. BioSig-ID captures how you write/draw your signature including your speed, direction, angle, and length, which are unique to each individual. Users enroll one time to create a profile (stored in a secure database) and thereafter validate their identity in seconds. BioSig-ID stops identity fraud by restricting access to only registered users who verify themselves against their stored biometric profile. During the past twelve months, BSI has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for developing the Product Innovation of the Year, and have been vetted by the 17-member advisory committee of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund and granted a commercialization award for their break-through technology. Their identity proofing products have worldwide applications including student ID verification, secure online banking, healthcare records access and identity verifications for Internet-based transactions. To learn more about how BSI solutions can help with your Identity proofing needs visit our web site at or call us at (800) 871-2817.

About The Tolly Group The Tolly Group companies have been delivering world-class IT services for more than 20 years. Tolly is a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products, components and services. You can reach the company by email at, or by telephone at +1 561.391.5610. Visit Tolly on the Internet at:

Data, Reports & Real Time Alerts

Contextual Data


Provides backend details on how the user is accessing assets, from device to geolocation to time of day with historical pattern analysis.



Suspicious Activity Reports


Comprehensive neural net data mining assesses user’s historical public data logs and BioSig-ID password validations to identify suspicious behaviors.



Real Time Event Notifications


Sends your IT security team an instant alert as an atypical event is happening so they can take appropriate security measures. BioSig-ID's predictive modeling capability allows it to be customized to the needs of any client. 

Meet the CEO & President, Jeff Maynard

Developers said it could not be done, others laughed, but we were tenacious, believing we could invent a new tool in the fight against identity theft.

BioSig-ID™ was born while I was President of two divisions of a public security company that created electronic prescriptions software. We wanted to establish the identity of physicians when they prescribed controlled substances. I had one of those epiphany moments. A software-only, gesture biometric could transform identity authentication.

My CTO and I began working on the idea and eventually went on to patent BioSig-ID™ twice. Since those early days we’ve developed predictive analytics and forensics to make BioSig-ID™ even more useful. I hope you’ll review our technology to see if it’s right for your company.