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It does not matter how long you make your typed password or how many times you change it, they are easily hacked with simple, free tools on the Internet. If you use physical biometrics like face or fingerprints the bad news is when they get hacked/compromised:

  • They can't be replaced (you can't grow new fingerprints or face).
  • You can never get them back (bad guys won't return them)
  • They could be used anywhere without your permission. (Example posted on a terrorist site).

These are huge issues and consumers have complained resulting in law suits with Facebook, Google and Shutterfly.

NOW you can use BioSig-ID™ which is equally accurate but less invasive and offers strength of biometrics without the risk and liability of collecting physical biometric data. BioSig-ID™ is one of the only biometrics that collects a behaviour and can be easily replaced just like regular passwords. BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format people are comfortable with.

BioSig-ID™ works on any device with your finger, stylus, or mouse. User's draw a unique 4-character biometric password and this creates a template pattern to which all subsequent log ins are compared. Imposters are blocked since they can't reproduce your pattern. BioSig-ID™ can replace your current security (i.e. Windows Log in) or be used as an additional layer.

How The EU’s Newest Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR) Will Affect You

 May 2018 marks the start date for as the European Union’s General Data Protection     Regulation (GDPR). It sweeps into effect to replace the Data Protection Act (DPA).
    As the world moves into an ever more digital direction, our personal data, how it is     used and who has access to it has become a global concern.

    Luckily we have the solution that you need to stay safe and compliant.

    BioSig-ID™ the world’s first and only biometric password not only complies with
    the EU’s latest data protection regulations, but also keeps users safe by ensuring
    personal ID protection and instant authentication anytime, anywhere
    “Doing Business in the EU... Are You Compliant?”





Coming to an Accreditor Near You:
"New Rules For Student Authentication" 

Lately there’s been quite a lot of buzz surrounding “student authentication” and what Universities and Colleges need to do to remain compliant. With billions lost in 2017 alone due to academic cheating and fraud, agencies are cracking down!

Recently, the largest education accrediting body in the U.S. passed new requirements for student ID authentication and it’s likely that other accrediting boards will follow suit in 2018.

Don’t run the risk of non-compliance. Choose BioSig-ID, a proper, proven student authentication solution! The time is now! “New Student Authentication Guidelines Are Coming to An Accreditor Near You








See How BioSig-ID™ Works In One Minute


Powerful Security

• Multi-factor and Multi-layer all in one
• 99.97% keeps imposters out
• Two issued patents


Effective & Easy Use

• 10M uses in over 95 countries
• 98% positive user experience
• Under 1% help desk calls


Easy Implementation

• Rapid deployment
• Password that resets
• Use on all devices




The Technology Behind BioSig-ID™ Has Many Faces

Biometric Signature ID, based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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Whether it's securing banking transactions, safeguarding healthcare records, gating exams, or ensuring online purchases, BSI helps organizations to control risk, reduce fraud, manage security and maintain compliance.

Unlike other biometrics like fingerprints, BioSig-ID gesture biometrics do not require any special hardware.  Unlike all other biometric signature applications, BioSig-ID uses dynamic biometrics to create user passcodes for sign-in, replacing typed PINs or passwords which can be easily stolen.

With a near 0% False Acceptance Rate, hackers cannot crack both the passcode and the unique individual's way of drawing it. This original technology is cloud-based and represents a new generation in identity verification. Its multi-factor authentication relies on two factors: a) something the user knows and b) something the user is.

Static physical biometrics like fingerprints, palms or iris scans can be hacked once they enter a database. And once taken, can never be replaced. But dynamic gesture biometrics are complex, never quite the same, and represent a behavior (how the passcode is created) that can never be taken.

This revolutionary software-only biometric called BioSig-ID has been patented twice and can be used anywhere, any time, on any device. Users create a unique biometric passcode using just a finger or mouse that imposters cannot replicate.

BioSig-ID™ captures a user’s unique movements including direction, speed, length, angle, pressure and height as they draw and create their passcode.  Each time a user logs in their passcode is compared, and only if the patterns match will the legitimate user gain access to the online activity.  Enrolment is simple and takes only a few minutes, with a reported 98% user satisfaction rate.

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Independent third party testing by premier IT evaluator The Tolly Group found BioSig-ID blocked 99.97% of 10,000 imposter attempts to log in, even when they knew the passcode. They could not duplicate the speed, angle, direction, height, length or other metrics drawn by the original user.  (In the test, 100% of the 9,499 imposter logon attempts were blocked. The false acceptance rate (FAR) of 00.03% is extrapolated from the accuracy data collected during those attempts.)  Download the report now.  To learn more about BioSig-ID's technology, read white papers and case studies.