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Products built on biosig-id technology


BioSig-ID™ Native Mobile Application

BioSig-ID™ is now available for Android. Soon BioSig-ID™ will be available for iOS, and Windows mobile users. Through gesture recognition biometrics, provided by BioSig-ID™, users will be able to instantly access their bank accounts, medical records, or any other content in a portal. BioSig-ID™ can also be called at a transaction level, authorizing actions performed inside the application like: make payments, make deposits, wire transfers, buy services, advanced or private/secure record searches, edit and changes saved, etc. The native BioSig-ID™ application also allows for the mobile device to be “tokenized”; generating one time out-of-band, pins, QRs or NFC keys. The mobile app also allows for identity proofing and an additional layer of security using the mobile devices SMS feature.



Click the images below to see a couple examples of our mobile apps.

BioTect-ID™ is available on the following desktop and mobile platforms: