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What is uSign-ID?

uSign-ID™ allows the user to create their signature via a pointing device such as a mouse on electronic documents, thereby confirming their agreement to the transaction they are completing. This electronic signature is evidence of the transaction as it creates an audit trail should any questions arise about the validity of the signed document; be it healthcare forms, credit card purchases, online contracts or other electronic purchases especially when used with other personal identifiers.


How does uSign-ID™ work?



Your existing forms are replicated into an electronic form that allows signatures to be signed online, using a mouse, stylus or touchpad. Your employee, customer, client or student, signs in the appropriate space. The signed document is then turned into a PDF for easy filing and email distribution. A unique session ID, date, time, IP address, and IP trace are kept with each signature as further proof user completed the action. uSign-ID™ with just a mouse.




Organizations can also dramatically reduce paperwork by offering health care choices to employees and have the employees agree to their premium choices by signing right on their computers using uSign-ID™. With uSign-ID™ industries such as banking and finance, higher education, distance learning, procurement departments of manufacturing and consumer goods as well as retail organizations can capture and track signatures on documents saving time and money as well as disputes.








Our uSign-ID ™ is cost-effective, and easy to implement. With uSign-ID™, organizations can capture and track signatures on document, dramatically reduce paperwork, saving time and money as well as disputes.




• uSign-ID™ saves time, and money without the need for faxing, scanning, or mailing of documents
• Save up to 80% of time and expenses related to document execution from printing to filing
• Automatic creation of detailed audit trail provides proof of authorization of action and easy reference
• Capture signatures on electronic documents without additional hardware: Every contract, every memo can now have a signature
• Reduce dishonesty by capturing electronic signatures on code of conduct and ethics forms
• Eliminate lost paper documents and easily track and trace electronically signed documents
• Extensive audit/reporting tool appended to each document with an unique ID
• Enrollment takes seconds and an electronic audit trail is created automatically for reference
• All you need is a regular mouse, no additional hardware required
• Increase close rates significantly and increase your revenues with quick turn around by eliminating the need to print and scan documents

Don't risk your business with anything less than uSign-ID™ secure digital signature technology.


uSign-ID™ is available on the following desktop and mobile platforms: