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INtroducing biometric enrollment with legal id authentication





Products built on biosig-id technology


BioSig-ID™ - Our flagship product. Gesture-based ID verification that can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime.


BioProof-ID  - Combines BioSig-ID with live online ID verification to ensure identity at point of creation.


Mobile Platforms for BSI Applications – One-click access to bank accounts, medical records or any other content in a portal, using the protection of BioSig-ID™ gesture recognition biometrics.


BioTect-ID™ – BioSig-ID™ technology provides lockdown protection for mobile devices and desktops. Coming soon.


BioSafe-ID™ – Employ BioSig-ID’s patented software to provide your consumers with the best in eCommerce transaction protection.


uSign-ID™ – Capture and track signatures on documents, dramatically reduce paperwork, save time and money, and end disputes.