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The Technology Behind Our Products

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BioSig-ID™ offers a complete solution for your security concerns with multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires the presentation of two or more of the three independent authentication factors: a secret or knowledge factor (something only the user "knows"), a possession factor (something only the user "has"), and a biological/biometric factor (something only the user "is"). BioSig-ID™ is unique, as it is the only product on the market that offers all three without the need for any extra components. The root of our technology allows for two of the three, "Is" and "Knows," inherently as a user must know what to draw and their biometric must align in the way they draw. BioSig-ID™ includes the 3rd factor, "Has," by offering identification via a registered phone number that allows SMS texts.


We know that your online assets are important to you and strive to make you feel as safe as possible. In every industry, for almost every use case, BioSig-ID™ stands out from the pack by offering you total protection without the need for any other hardware or software! With 5 million uses and world wide users in over 70 countries, BioSig-ID™ stands out as the premier online identity verification solution.


User Experience
The user experience has been very positive. In surveys of first time users, 98% reported they had a positive experience with BioSig-ID. This group ranged in terms of age, demographics, location and race. They all used the same instructions with version 2.5. Our version 3.0 was launched in last quarter 2014, and was designed with an even more improved user interface. Our audit trails confirm that certain key parameters like time to enroll, validations, and password resets have all improved due the these changes.
Of interesting note is that 45% of first time users surveyed reported that BioSig-ID had an entertaining quality. We have seen that users will spend a lot of time in the system attempting to play/game the system. We have reported that one user validated their identity a total of 81x at a single setting and that one user spent nearly 3 continuous hours validating their bio signature.
A deployment with a financial services company reported that their over 50 year old account holders who were presented with the system ranked it higher than voice and equal to fingerprint even though they had no previous association/knowledge of gesture biometrics.
In a recent analysis of over 215,908 validations in our system, we found that users used the help desk for password resets only 0.6%. This extremely low level is positive proof that users have no issue validating their BioCodes due to our ease of use.


3rd Party Independent Testing

A word about independent testing. Many companies will say they are secure and provide accurate, reliable protection. However the real test is whether they have completed independent testing from a recognized third party laboratory. BioSig-ID has completed such comprehensive and expensive testing using the Tolly Group and have published the results. Biometric technologies have a large security role and must be independently tested against guidelines set out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our published results confirm that BioSig-ID is 3x more accurate than the NIST guidelines. As a comparison, keystroke analysis performed by the same independent lab did not achieve NIST standards and was found to be 27X less accurate than BioSig-ID. What this means is that keystroke typing technology does not work to identify users and can be fooled or spoofed very easily by comparison to BioSig-ID. If you are going to rely on a technology for protection/identification, why would you not want the best?  Don’t settle for a company who cannot provide you the results of their independent testing or ones who say 'we did our own lab testing and it’s highly accurate.' If you hear this RUN the other way. If you would like more information about out testing results they can be found here.