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It does not matter how long you make your typed password or how many times you change it, they are easily hacked with simple, free tools on the Internet. If you use physical biometrics like face or fingerprints the bad news is when they get hacked/compromised:

  • They can't be replaced (you can't grow new fingerprints or face).
  • You can never get them back (bad guys won't return them)
  • They could be used anywhere without your permission. (Example posted on a terrorist site).

These are huge issues and consumers have complained resulting in law suits with Facebook, Google and Shutterfly.

NOW you can use BioSig-ID™ which is equally accurate but less invasive and offers strength of biometrics without the risk and liability of collecting physical biometric data. BioSig-ID™ is one of the only biometrics that collects a behaviour and can be easily replaced just like regular passwords. BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format people are comfortable with.

BioSig-ID™ works on any device with your finger, stylus, or mouse. User's draw a unique 4-character biometric password and this creates a template pattern to which all subsequent log ins are compared. Imposters are blocked since they can't reproduce your pattern. BioSig-ID™ can replace your current security (i.e. Windows Log in) or be used as an additional layer.

BSI Named Top-10 Multi-Factor Authentication Providers of 2018

Biometric Signature ID (BSI), the leading developer of software only ID authentication for web accessed accounts and devices, has been named by Enterprise Security Magazine as one of the top-10 multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution providers of 2018. BSI’s BioSig-ID™ is the only biometric solution of its kind on the market today. This cloud-based technology requires no additional hardware, or software download and provides users with an out-of-the-box MFA solution that delivers unparalleled security assurance. More Info here:




Multi-Factor Authentication -The New Frontier Of Virtual Security: Here’s Why

Hardly a day goes by where there’s not a report of a data breach, or someone’s personal information getting stolen. Despite many of our best efforts, data breaches are still a very real, very BIG problem. In 2017, 2 billion files were leaked as a result of data breaches and those are just the ones that were reported! See for yourself why MFA is the next frontier!









See How BioSig-ID™ Works In One Minute


Powerful Security

• Multi-factor and Multi-layer all in one
• 99.97% keeps imposters out
• Two issued patents


Effective & Easy Use

• 10M uses in over 95 countries
• 98% positive user experience
• Under 1% help desk calls


Easy Implementation

• Rapid deployment
• Password that resets
• Use on all devices




The Technology Behind BioSig-ID™ Has Many Faces

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About Biometric Signature ID:

BSI has created BioSig-ID, a patented, software-only biometric solution to secure data and devices without the need for any additional hardware. Using only a mouse, finger or stylus, gesture biometrics of speed, direction, length, height, width, angle are captured and stored in an enrollment profile as the user draws and creates their unique BioCode. Upon subsequent logins the software compares the BioCode entered to the unique BioCode the user created, providing instant authentication. Only a user who has been successfully authenticated can access their virtual account, gradable event, portable device, workstation or mobile app. The software comes with a robust audit trail providing an acute forensic tool to help identify online fraud.

BSI was chosen and funded by the White House (from 180 other companies) to participate with Microsoft, AT&T, CA, AAMVA and the Virginia DMV in a pilot to reduce online identity fraud. BioSig-ID was awarded "New Product Innovation of the Year in North America," selected as 20 Most Promising Ed Tech companies by CIOREVIEW, was independent third party tested at 99.97% accuracy, reports a 98% user satisfaction rate and has 3 M uses from over 70 countries and all 50 states.